Below are some projects I'm really passionate about. They're projects that I found cool and interesting. I believe building something is the best way to learn.

Wedding Together is a private Instagram-style feed for your wedding.

We made Wedding Together because the current wedding photo sharing technology out there just isn't up to snuff. We felt we could do better. At Wedding Together, I handle the backend. Our stack is Angular and Django REST Framework. We're built on all things AWS. Frontend development on Wedding Together is done by John Zhao, one of the best developers I know. You can read about his thoughts on startups here and here.

MetaMe Connect is a program that uses a standardized Brain-Gut therapy approach that has been clinically proven to be effective in treating IBS.

I work with the MetaMe team to automate processes and help us scale to provide aid to patients all over the US. We use a super lean Django backend that leverages many 3rd party APIs so we get to worry about less code and infrastructure.

Cowork Buddy is the easiest way to find people to cowork with.

Some of us socialize by working with one another. A few of my close relationships are with people who I meet up with and all we do is sit next to one another and hack away at something. I made Cowork Buddy to help me find more of those folks.

Cowork Buddy's landing page is in an S3 bucket served up on CloudFront. The app itself is Django using RDS for the database and S3 for static file hosting.

WebEvents is an easy to use API of the largest social event database on the web. Free to use and easy to integrate with.
WebEvents Docs

WebEvents is an API I made that collects and normalizes event feeds from the biggest event ticketing sites. The data is scrubbed then normalized. Building an API like this was a true test of my skills in performance and concurrency. It pulls in hundreds of events per minute and makes them readily searchable.

I believe attending events hosted by enthusiasts is one of the best ways to explore and understand a new city or country. Working with event data is something I'm deeply passionate about to this day.

everblume is a turnkey, automated smart appliance designed to help consumers cultivate the world’s finest quality naturally grown medicine, produce, and flowers in the comfort of their own home.

On the everblume team I handled the development of our frontend site and our backend API. The frontend website went through multiple iterations (not all of them complete). I'm far from a frontend developer, but regardless of which side of the stack you're on, you should always understand the opposite side of the coin. Then you can empathize with those you build with.

Our hardware prototypes ran on different microcontrollers. I also worked on migrating our hardware from Ardunio to RaspberryPi.

Version 1 of the company website is the most polished and uses onepage scroll to mimic Apple's iPhone5S website. Mobile friendly.

Version 2 uses the ScrollMagic library to create an interactive experience. The pricing flow uses the Google Maps autocomplete javascript API to autofill the user's address. The payment page uses the Stripe javascript API to validate and recognize card types. Somewhat mobile friendly.
Note: I put this portfolio version on AWS Lambda just because I wanted to learn how to put a Flask app on a serverless service. The first time you visit Version 2, it will run slowly. This is the virtual machine heating up.

Version 3 of the company website is the most interactive and also uses the ScrollMagic library. It's also the least polished. Not mobile friendly.

All designs were created by Brian Colcord. As we iterated through the designs, he'd provide and spec and I'd create pixel perfect sites. Keeping up with his creativity was a great experience.


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